Corporate Overview

Our companies provide pharmaceutical and health care consulting services, as well as offering unique and innovative data analysis methods. Southeastern Consultants, Inc. and Intelligent Health Analytics are Florida for-profit corporations that are women owned and managed and have been incorporated for 15+ years.

We provide services to Medicaid plans other government agencies, health plans, academic institutions, health information technology groups, care/disease management companies, industry, and professional health care associations in areas such as coordination of care analysis and predictive modeling for disease/case management and medication therapy management and review programs, pharmacoeconomic/outcome studies, pharmacy benefit management policy and operational strategies, claims data analysis, health information exchange, utilization review, reimbursement policy evaluation, compliance, claims and payment auditing.

Our companies have gained national recognition for our development of a unique and innovative, intelligent analytical model that identifies specific patients with patterns of uncoordinated care in any payer population and quantifies the cost savings for those patients so that a health plan can create very targeted integrated care interventions to achieve significant cost savings. 


Project Approach

We use a team approach for major project design and implementation by utilizing clinical/medical health outcome and fiscal/economic research consultants throughout the entire process. Strong relationships are maintained in government, academic, and private sectors of health care to facilitate our client goals. We work intimately with the client to develop the specific scope of work and program deliverables so that staff is assigned specific responsibilities based on individual expertise and to ensure that deliverables are completed according to schedule. Focused coordination and strategic planning promote integration of project components expediting the successful completion of the comprehensive project objectives.

Project Goals

Our goal is to assist clients with implementing total population health management which requires a comprehensive approach to wellness, education, and treatment. Treatment should involve the appropriate and well coordinated use of drugs and services required to treat a person’s medical conditions. The primary goal of a health plan should be to provide the highest quality of care while reducing unnecessary expenditures due to uncoordinated or inappropriate care. This allows a plan to preserve and reallocate valuable resources without reducing access to care or needed services. Many states and health plans are actively working on initiatives to integrate and streamline delivery systems, increase provider participation in care management activities, create provider reimbursement incentives for performance and to implement health data analytic tools and technologies that will improve coordination of care. Programs that have been highlighted include the chronic care improvement programs, medical homes with enhanced primary care case management, disease and care management programs and technologies such as provider accessible web based claims portals, e-prescribing and integrated electronic medical records and exchange systems.

We strongly encourages clients to utilize these kinds of programs and technologies to improve the coordination and quality of care and create system efficiency. We will diligently work with the client to ensure that the analytical data and consulting services provided are appropriately integrated with the client’s existing or new, internal or externally provided programs and technology tools to facilitate success and achieve mutual goals. We work with existing client vendors and contractor partners to implement and integrate all program technology and systems. We can assist the client with evaluation of proposed vendor services and programs as well as provide consulting services to integrate various programs and technologies for the client.