Improving Program and Health Plan Design

SEC provides services to clients for identifying opportunities to improve the coordination of care and intervention strategies to achieve cost savings. While SEC can deliver direct studies, medication management, and other programs, SEC can also provide – with key partners as necessary – insights to improve Federal and state program design and health plan design.

  • Identify & reduce unnecessary and fraudulent costs

  • Improve quality of care

  • Medication use management

  • Disease & care management

  • Address disparities

  • Identify and classify patient safety and access issues

  • Solve operational and system problems

  • Measure cost savings and success


Designing and developing new provider delivery and payment models to engage providers to be active participants in assisting patients with achieving coordinated care through engaging stakeholders, such as hospitals, physician groups, pharmacists, and patient advocates to assume enhanced patient management activities in a multidisciplinary team approach via accountable care organizations, patient centered medical homes and other integrated models of care