Analytical Solutions

Unique Intelligent Analytical Model

We have developed a unique and innovative intelligent analytical model for identifying specific patients with patterns of uncoordinated care and quantifying the cost of uncoordinated care in a population. Siginificant cost savings have been demonstrated using this model in health plans.

Intelligent Analytical Dashboards and Platform

  • Advanced interactive visual and reporting tool that can integrate with any type of data
  • Display and create financial and clinical care patterns with reporting at the population, provider or patient level
  • Allows in depth understanding of trends, cost and utilization drivers for patients and prescribing/treating providers
  • Monitor care patterns and events longitudinally by month or in aggregate for any time period
  • Identify specific conditions and types of services/events by diagnosis and procedures contributing to utilization and costs at population, patient and provider levels
  • Target specific patients and providers for maximum ROI 
  • Measure changes in performance indicators as well as cost and utilization changes based on targeted interventional programs and new incentive and payment models    

Platform Data Source Inputs

  • Encounter/claims utilization data (institutional, professional and pharmacy)
  • Eligibility/insurance data
  • Encounter Notification Data for A/D/T
  • Premiums data 
  • EMR data
  • HEDIS data and other measures
  • Financial/business systems data
  • Case and medication management intervention data

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